Society Spotlight • Karim Davis of P Is For Props


Karim Davis.

Sometimes you find talented people by seeking them out. And in other cases it happens through sheer dumb luck. Okay, maybe it isn't dumb luck. Perhaps cliches like "the law of attraction," or "great minds think alike," or "birds of a feather flock together" actually hold true.

Such is the case with Karim Davis, aka P Is For Props, the official photographer for Society Experiment 01 • Maiden Voyage. I was fortunate enough to meet this Angelino - via Brooklyn via Ohio - at the original SFNY Yacht Party (or was it one of the long and foggy nights at JP's?!). Our friendship is a result of one of those cliches, where the right things fall into place at the right time.

Since we've met, I've witnessed Karim humbly capture the glory and charm of his surroundings, with his photos appearing in such publications as SF Weekly, LA Weekly, Fader, Spin, and his own site

To me, he doesn't just snap pictures of a party. Karim is able to freeze a moment in life like a magician, making sure the best time you had all day/week/month/year will forever be preserved as a screensaver or a facebook profile picture, etc.  And just like an illusionist, he brings something out of those seemingly "whatever moments" that you may not have noticed at the time. - Patrick "King Most"